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                 Whisky Tasting Pre or After Dinner
During this event in pre or after dinner, come and enjoy your whiskeys and discover ... How to taste whiskey: the ritual, the taste buds, with or without water? Discover some details about the whiskey: origin, region, ripeness, style, anecdotes ... Over a period of 1 hour in pre-dinner and up to 2 hours after the meal. It works great for groups of 5 to 60 people. Your host will share his passion for whiskey and his know-how as a presenter, and will animate the tasting in a playful, fun way that will appeal to your guests. Ideal for company aperitifs, family gatherings ...

Glencairn tasting glasses provided.

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"Whisky tasting in Manchester. Very informative and kept us entertained. First time anyone has explained how to drink whisky in a way that's made me enjoy it. Great character and very informative, we were so surprised by the difference a drop of water makes! Very informative about whisky and I would recommend his services to prospective clients considering Scotland and a personal whisky introduction. I have already made contact and hope to use this service soon." Theresa Ring, Business Tourism Executive, VisitScotland, Perth