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Whisky Training Testimonials
"When I finish this course, I build a clear organisation chart in my mind about Scotland whisky (Single malt is nice)" 
"Tutor showed professionalisum and tons of knowledge. All questions were answered better than suspected. after this course I feel confident to level up in my career"
"Regis is not only a great tutor, he also manages to captivate tghe audience. I really recommend Mr Lemaitre for future courses"
"This course is very interesting, I know more about Scottish Whiskies, This course is very useful for my future career"
"Regis was very knowledgeable and added a lot of personal experience to the course which made it more entertaining and felt event more relevant"

Montreux 2020

"It was very nice time during the course and the knowledge that I gained today, will be very helpfull"
"Thank you for the course, it was amazing! I hope that I can pass the exam and see you in the masterclass"
"The course was very well planned out and informative. I personnally found out many interesting things about Whisky that surely will be usefull for my future"
"The Basics delivered passionately and with a sense of deep expertise from the very beginning. Excellent intro and engagement throughout. There is never doubt about the love and expertise of the facilitator for the subject matter!"
Lucerne 2019

"Le formateur à su nous capter grâce à ces connaissances et son humour" 
"Très bon moment, formateur pro, la journée s'est passée très rapidement"
Annemasse 2019

"Loved it! Regis was very knowledgeable and fun teacher. Answered everything and made us understand, it was an excellent course! Thank you"
"During the class, I gradually get hang of tasting the whiskies and be able to identify different whiskies. Teacher is very patient to teach us very good!"
"Very good course! Definitely teaches you a lot about Scotch Whisky. Good program, good hand book and good tutor!"
"The course is very interesting and comprehensive. The lecturer is knowledgeable, I have learned a lot during the course!"
"Extremely good tutor with hugh knowledge. Really interesting to listen to him. Could explain and answer every questions we asked in the class"
Montreux 2019

"Regis Lemaitre is a fantastic guy who sure knows the facts about whisky. Since consulting for us and taking charge of the Road Hole Bar earlier this year he has undoubtedly been responsible for implementing 5 red star service for whisky training and has managed to develop and build a strong team. He is an outstanding trainer and is very passionate about his business of whisky and takes pride in his work and his training." Simon Whitley, Food & Beverage Director, The Old Course Hotel Golf Resort & Spa, Saint Andrews

"Regis is a complete master in the world of spirits and whisky, his knowledge and passion is of the highest level. He makes learning and understanding very accessible to all. From a training aspect, he is able to unlock a team's potential and ensure that they deliver service at its very best." Simon Rastrick, Hotel Manager, Macdonald Marine Hotel & Spa, North Berwick

"I found the whisky training I received from Regis fantastic! The training Regis done with myself has enabled me to host whisky tastings and events at the Craigellachie. The knowledge that Regis gives you is unvaluable and would recommend anybody in the industry to book this gent whilst he is available." Michael Brown, General Manager, Craigellachie Hotel, Craigellachie

"Having looked at the course ran by the UKBG online I decided to make an enquiry. Less than a week later Regis came to my hometown with everything required in order to meet the requirements of the course ans additionally base the material around my job. I found him to be extremely personable, professional and knowledgeable on a wide variety of topics. I now fell a lot more confident in my work and I wish that I could have worked with him longer. Highly recommended." Max Lawrie

"Regis has brought great value to the HIT scholars and also to functions we have delivered with him in Scottish hospitality. He has a great range of stories and delivery styles and his drinks knowledge is excellent. He can advise and inspire in one go!" David Cochrane, Chief Executive, HIT Scotland

"Regis and I are/were both members of the United Kingdom Bartenders Guild (UKBG). he has always had a depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for his work. Combine that will his ability to share those traits with others, giving knowledge and advice freely, his encouragement of others is always of a high standard of verbal and pratical advice." Tony Hercus, Assistant Stewart, The Royal British Legion