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Blind Whisky Tasting
This event and a participative game for your guests, perfect for exhibitions, open doors, events with small to large audience ... Sitting in front of 3 different whiskeys, 3 or 4 people will taste the first whiskey at the same time and will have to decide before taste the next whiskey, about the product style: is it a blend, a single malt, a bourbon or even an Irish whiskey? Basic information on the differences between blends, malts, bourbons or Irish whiskeys will be given by your host. As well as information to recognize the shierried peat, to recognize the maturation based only on the color, to have an idea of ??the alcoholic rate before tasting, to understand its taste buds, to discover the property of a drop of water ... Ideal for the duration of an evening, each group will spend about 15 minutes (a change of the base of 3 whiskeys will be done throughout the evening to keep the suspense ...)

Glencairn tasting glasses provided.

"Regis was absolutely terrific in teaching me the intricacies of Scottish whisky, Cuban cigars and French champagne when he was bar manager and I was the US Marketing rep for one of the great hotels on the planet, Gleneagles. He is also charming and great fun to work with". Mariana Field Hoppin, Creating/Implementing Marketing Strategies for Luxury Travel Suppliers